Vo Centar – Toma Fila

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Vo Centar – Toma Fila

The most famous lawyer in the former Yugoslavia, Toma Fila, claims that the assassination of Kiro Gligorov was organized by people from his close associates. They are still alive, says Fila in an interview for the show In the Center, which will be broadcast tonight at 10 pm on the youtube channel Vasko Eftov. According to Fila, who is a personal friend and one of Ivica Dacic’s top advisers, from the time Dacic was prime minister, later interior minister and now foreign minister, a group of experts from Belgrade came to Skopje in 1995 to help with the investigation. after the assassination, Gligorov was informed by Fila that the perpetrators were from Macedonia and were part of the collaborators of the then President of Macedonia. In the interview, Fila talks about many other things that have not been published in the Macedonian public so far.

Vo centar – Vasko Eftov 2020


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