Telma is a Macedonian national TV station established in September 1996. Its founder and owner is Makpetrol AD - Skopje. Telma is one of five televisions, the competition of the Government in 1998, received a seven-year concession for broadcasting in the city of Skopje.

Amongst Telma currently employing more than 150 employees and many outside collaborators - television creators from all areas. They stand at their disposal two studios (from 60 to 250 square meters) and cutting edge digital television equipment. Director of television's Slavonic.

Every day Telma broadcasts lasting 18 to 20 hours. Program schedule consists of three rounded parts: informative, fun and recreational, cultural and artistic and documentary. Its main feature is the informative program. Central news Thelma considered most feasible in Macedonia. News is broadcast every day from 18:30 and 22:20 pm. Within the weekly news program prepares current and interview within the show "Angle" and prepare other informational and political issues of warehouse type "time", "Balance", "File", "The World Today" and other.

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