Political analysis: small schengen, even small Vuchic !?

Published on 09/10/2020 by

They all start as Russian players and end up as American spotter players, or as an expired American apple pie !?

A few days ago we saw what American diplomacy looks like in action. First they bend your arm as far as you can stand (and even more than that) and then with such a bent arm you have to sign a text full of surprises that you hear for the first time at the moment you sign the text.

Of course you can refuse, but rejection has one price when you are an enemy and another price when you are a friend of the Americans. When you are an enemy of the Americans, the worst thing that can happen to you is not to come to power. And when you are a friend of Americans and it occurs to you overnight that you need to show integrity and national pride then the range of possibilities that can happen to you is unlimited or as they say only the sky can be the limit.

Let us not lie to the Russians, much less. The Germans can cause trouble, protests and turmoil in the Balkans, but only Washington and London can make a change and dominate the turmoil in the Balkans. We saw the last one in Montenegro. Milo’s shelf life passed there. And so. As Serbs and Russians ousted Milo with coups and looting, London did its job as Washington’s infantry and cavalry. That’s how it all ends, starting as Russian players and finally being released into the water as American players.

There are two models. The first model is a tailor-made sewing suit. Go to a tailor and the tailor first measures you and then sews your suit. And you have a second model. The tailor sews a suit and if the suit does not fit you, they let you go naked and barefoot through the water. Of course this naked and barefoot is figurative because they are all well-groomed, they may not be in power but they can be rich on the Cote d’Azur or in Miami. Of course if they voluntarily accepted that they were released through the water.

Changes have taken place in Montenegro because America and London wanted it. But they are smart enough to let the Serbs brag that they have brought Serbian Sparta back to the homeland. Vuќi “” received “Montenegro as a gift from Denmark, but he had to accept a dress rehearsal of what the final of mutual recognition between Belgrade and Pristina would look like.

Since Montenegro is a NATO member, for Montenegro to be “Serbian” again, Serbia must become a NATO member. It is an American lady gambit in chess. If you do not know how to play chess you will end up as a pawn on the chessboard.

Now the Macedonian opposition will be in great trouble. If he does not accept the agreement from Washington, the entry of Kosovo in Little Schengen will be against Trump, and if they accept the agreement, they will agree with the Prespa Agreement. It is high politics and high politics does not include shorts.


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