Referendum yes or no if an agreement with Greece is reached.

Published on 05/05/2018 by tvstanici

Referendum yes or no, if an agreement with Greece is reached – 71, 4% of citizens are referendum. But what are their views if the name change issue is linked to EU membership? How do you see the exclusivity of the name Macedonia or the eventual removal of the monument Warrior on a horse – tonight in the top topic on your side results from the latest MCIC Survey and the Institute for Democracy. The results are analyzed by Saso Klekovski and Albert Musliu.

Musliu: There is a semi-euphoric phase after the statement of Kodzias, and those who participate in the process know better how much it will last, but it is seen that there is movement.

Klekovski: Kodzias is a great merchant, he tries to sell us something that he has already received. The Greeks have already agreed to be a UN member called Macedonia and a temporary reference.

Klekovski: Macedonia has a province in two countries, Greece and Bulgaria, so we will have to accept one situation that we do not have the exclusive right to use the term Macedonia, Macedonian, as well as in the trade.

Musliu: The former government endeavored to lead the whole process emotionally to the citizens to connect with ancient history, and this game began and insisted on exclusivity.