Hoyt Yee, Judicial Reforms, Landfill Problem

Published on 10/03/2017 by tvstanici

There was no progress in the clarification on April 27th, 5 months after the violence. Two and a half years have passed since the publication of the scandal of wiretapping, and again, there is no single judgment on the cases arising from the illegal interception of communications. Interview with the Head of the Balkans in the US State Department, Hoyt Yee.
The European Commission is actively involved in designing judicial reforms in Macedonia. The working group that drafted the reform strategy, following a couple of days in Brussels, said that what they heard from European experts could not be called criticism, but that the goal was consulting to get to better draft solutions. However, there is still no answer to the key points of the reforms – for example, how responsibility will be imposed on members of the Judicial Council, a body that has enormous involvement in the election and dismissal of judges, and does not take responsibility before anyone for what it does.
Macedonia has long decided to deposit waste, but only on paper. In most municipalities, it has not yet been started, and in some municipalities it is at the very beginning of the implementation of the national waste strategy. Will we finally make a draft or will it still smell a dysfunctional waste management system?

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