Feni’s criminal extinction

Published on 04/16/2018 by tvstanici

Feni’s criminal extinction

Who, how and why did he quit Feni? Who are Kazakhstani oligarchs with Belgian passports: Alexander Matsevich, Patok Chodiev and Aliyan Ibragimov, who stand behind the former owner of Feni – Dutch Kunico. As a Kazakh threesome, suspected of money laundering, corruption, bribes and tax evasion passed through the filter of the Macedonian authorities? What did the Public Revenue Office, the Financial Police, the Financial Intelligence Directorate do, when they extracted millions from the sold but unpaid ferronickel?
Debate with Arafat Muaremi, director of the financial police, Slava Taseva, an expert on corruption, and Pavel Gatsov, a tax expert.