Exclusive interview of Sitel with Gruevski from Budapest

Published on 02/03/2019 by tvstanici

Exclusive interview of Sitel with Gruevski from Budapest – first after the escape from Macedonia

Firstly, after leaving for Hungary and receiving political asylum in public, the interview was given by former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.
Since November 20, he has status of asylum seeker, due to political persecution by the government in the Republic of Macedonia.
In the interview Gruevski explained that he can move freely around Hungary and is living with friends for the time being.
I do not have contact with people from the government, I do not have partners with the ruling, but many of my friends from the party, I listen to and watch, Gruevski said.
From Macedonia says he went very simply, but did not find out whether he was in a legal or illegal way.
I left Macedonia very simply, in Albania, I applied to the embassy in Tirana, where I asked for political asylum, and from there I came to Hungary in the manner that was decided after some of their consultations because of the fact that for many years I was Prime Minister for security reasons, it is good to be in Hungary . I will leave the power to work on whether I used the ID card to cross the border. I entered Hungary with an extract from the Hungarian Embassy in Tirana – said Gruevski.
I absolutely intend to return to Macedonia one day. I am here to get rid of the political persecution after I realized that all the absurdities have been overcome and that the authorities intend to go to the end. I was convicted in Macedonia of things for which in other EU member states, court cases would not have been brought to our attention, said the former Prime Minister of Macedonia, Gruevski.
Gruevski stressed that he had fled Macedonia, because from reliable sources he learned that he was being liquidated in the prison.
Gruevski stressed that he was not angry with his late close associates for the statements, condemning his escape.
It just proves that people are arrested after a political decision, not a court order. They were not even imprisoned. I had information that Mile Janakieski and Kiril Bozhinovski were placed on the list of detention for the Talir case, but this was given ten days earlier, Gruevski says.
He added that his party members were under pressure.
People were in a difficult situation, they are under heavy pressure. The government only rules with blackmail, with fear. I do not get angry, they have to say that, and I understand them. I understand Jankuloska, she is pressed, in such a situation as she is, I do not rate. I know what she meant before, but now I will not discover and make comparisons. They do this because of the belief that they will reduce the political persecution of them, Gruevski says.
Asked if he now knows exactly who is his friends, Gruevski said that the majority still remained friends.
About 90 percent are friends, and 10 percent do not. They are a minority, it pleases me. There are about twenty people to whom I helped them a lot, they turned out that half of them are now not my friends, said the fugitive.
He announced that he would also write memoirs, because of the question whether there are former ministers among these people, he said “Leave something for my memoirs.”