Election of a Public Prosecutor

Published on 11/10/2017 by tvstanici

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Lawyers, notaries, professors, prosecutors, experts – twenty-three applied for the post of Public Prosecutor, but the government chose Ljubomir Joveski. Would a better solution be a man from outside, and not from the Prosecution? Can he answer the challenges? How will you deal with politics because he will be elected by MPs.
From today, the Criminal Court has a new president – Ivan Dzolev the man who sued his predecessor Pancevski. Will the court reform it? Will it resist the pressures? What is needed for a quality judiciary?
Lawyers Aleksandar Tortevski and Oliver Vuksanovic are debating the topic. The host of this Top Tеma is the journalist Snezana Lupevska Sozen.

Alexander Tortevski said among other things:

Jovoski should finish the fight that we started.
According to the choice of a person from within the worst institution in the system, it turns out that Zaev should not be Prime Minister now, but Peshevski.
The request for candidacies at the public prosecutor’s competition proved to be decor.
Jove was not supposed to be elected because he was confirmed by the saying – silence is gold, in his case is a diamond.
A man from outside had to be selected because he did not have a mortgage for everything that happened and the level at which the PP was brought.
Jovese needs to clean his own house first. Why the PPO was formed in addition to the PP? To investigate the omissions of the PPO.
I am optimistic that it will be good, the processes will go away.
Jovetic is a party solution.

Oliver Vuksanovic said among other things:

Unlike other candidates, Jove is suggested by colleagues and we should give him the opportunity to show. I think he is a real man in the right place.
Changing the prime minister’s rhetoric about choosing PPO is politics.
If someone from the Public Prosecutor’s Office violated the law, colleague Ljubomir should first swap the house and someone to answer.
It needs to be seen whether Jove has submitted an extension of his employment for another year in August.
I hope that with the choice of Jolev, a solution is reached that will first overcome interpersonal relations in the court.
Reforms of the Bar Association are needed because many colleagues have forgotten what is the function of advocacy – the avant-garde in the society.

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