“360 Degrees” – Ohrid Lake , interview with Nikola Dimitrov and more

Published on 09/24/2017 by tvstanici

In the new edition of “360 Degrees”:
– Some of the children who were vacationing on the Ohrid beaches received red envelopes on the body. All these claims are an incentive to explore how the collector system functions and whether the lake is protected from faeces. The main purification station resembles a wasted estate, overgrown in grass and rusted equipment. Instead of purifying, the water through this drainage tube is left untreated in the Drim before the station.
– VMRO-DPMNE imposed the tale on the reception of thousands of migrants and refugees in Macedonia, and it culminates with referendum initiatives parallel to local elections. What if the majority in the local referendums voted positively for settling migrants?
– Are the decisions of municipal councils for issuing referenda for migrants legal? Who should have the last word – the Inspectorate for Local Self-Government or the State Election Commission?
– Why does Reinhard Priebe urge the new government not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to replace one captured state with another?
– Calling Vladimir Mircevski from New York from the General Assembly of the United Nations, where the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev is accompanied by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Dimitrov and Ademi. –
– Interview with Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov from New York.
– New Sabotage.

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