What can be expected of the announced dialogue with the opposition?

Published on 03/11/2018 by

The law on languages ​​is shaken by the government coalition, whether it will make a serious split, or Zoran Zaev and Ali Ahmeti will find a way to bridge it and whether it will be skipping the amendment debate and voting for “force” … What can is expected from the announced dialogue with the opposition, whether Miskoski’s “feeling” that his parliamentary group with detained MPs will soon be completed will be the “debut” of the first opposition leader to resign for the amendments … As the announced society in which the law will apply all to echoed prior DUI rich criminal record debate … Branko Gerovski, chief editor of the “Free Press” the portal “Plus Info” Ljupco Ristovski, PhD in Political Science and Ismet Ramadani analyst and former MP.

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