How did VMRO-DPMNE lose absolute power for one year?

Published on 10/21/2017 by

How did VMRO-DPMNE lose the absolute power on state and local level for one year? Can such a VMRO-DPMNE be a strong opposition, amid the burden of a series of trials and allegations of crime?
Debate with university professor Jove Kekenovski and Ilija Ilijovski from the VMRO-DPMNE reform movement.
Asked how this election result was for DPMNE, Professor Kekenovski answered that polls did not predict this, but the party’s top has the biggest responsibility for this huge defeat.
In addition, he added other reasons. The second reason is that since the start of the taped conversations the citizens began to understand the way of governing.
Other reasons are that the repression against the state administration has reduced, and the voters were more relaxed.
Also, the majority of the candidates are from the old cadres who also associate them with the top of the party.
Iliovski thinks that what happened to the party is due to all that in the past, you have been in the party and in the country. Among other things, he added that it is necessary to make reforms in the party in any possible field.
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