How did the Macedonian Albanians “fight” for the Greater Kosovo?

Published on 02/13/2018 by

The last episode “In Center” by journalist and analyst Vasko Eftov has the title “Macedonian Albanians” fought for “Greater Kosovo”, and a kind of television mix of unpublished 15 minutes from the interview with the Serbian-French agent and former member the Legion of Foreigners, Jugoslav Petrusic, but also a number of published and unpublished parts of previous interviews with various interlocutors, as well as an analysis of current political issues.

In the announcement itself, it was emphasized that the show would be a kind of television, that is, a journalistic symbiosis from which no one would remain flatly indifferent.

As part of the show, Eftov produced a series of exclusive information and documents including the map marking places in Europe where during 2018, large and intensified terrorist actions, as well as exclusive transcripts from NATO on the 2001 war in Macedonia, but also other data.

Among other things, the manner of using referendums, ie non-participation in them, was pointed out by the Albanians and their utilization as a key argument for the realization of strategic goals and projects, such as the unification of Greater Albania.

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