Macedonia on the road to the EU is expecting a tough reform

Published on 10/18/2017 by

The elections in most of the municipalities ended. Will the debacle of VMRO-DPMNE be initiated by Nikola Gruevski? 123 thousand votes less for VMRO-DPMNE in only 9 months. Citizens punished Gruevism. Macedonia on the road to the EU is now awaiting severe reform, starting with the judiciary. The process of dismantling Gruevski’s system is moving inexorably. Debating Ljubomir Frckovski and Naser Ziberi, a former lawmaker.
Professor Frchkovski thinks that we should finally get rid of that closure that was put in place for the previous 10 years. Now we should try to make the country’s integration plan in Europe. We should also try to make a discontinuation in our history with this bad period that has ended. Democracy needs to rise to the level of an irreversible process for no one in the future, and no power can ruin the system. Justice should be satisfied for certain individuals and families who have suffered too much torture through the past period.
Ziberi believes that we are all surprised by SDSM’s overwhelming victory in these elections, but also that one should take into account how the previous elections were won with certain repressions and suspicious activities. When you go to the side you will see the natural course of the events and the election results themselves.
Ziberi for the victory of SDSM in Aracinovo believes that it is not just a punishment for DUI that SDSM has made good engineering in the municipality itself.
Ziberi also believes that Professor Frchkovski is right and that his slogan without justice does not have peace is accurate and appropriate in that justice would be satisfied, but it should be avoided that the whole process should not be repaired until retaliation.

The second round will be quite interesting especially in certain municipalities such as Struga and Gostivar. What happens in the Albanian political campus?
Zibery believes that there is a higher degree of pluralism in this campus. Because the Albanian voices are not concentrated in one or two capacities, here there are many subjects here overcoming nationalist barriers such as the votes given for SDSM.