Air pollution

Published on 10/28/2017 by

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The state of air pollution

Will we know this winter we breathe in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo? Manipulations with measurements of polluted air or facts? After election promises, will there be specific measures or only recommendations for ventilation? Will the authorities disclose all pollutants to be punished?
Debate by Besa Tatyshi from the Ministry of Ecology, Dragan Gjorgov from the Institute for Public Health and Ecologists Nevena Georgievska and Dushko Gruevski.
Dragan Gjorgov: If we are implementing measures to solve air pollution, only in Skopje we will save 500 lives, in Tetovo 200 lives.
The cooler it is, the more polluted air is more dangerous. Annually we have 1,900 deaths from air pollution.
An audit of the buildings that violate the corridor of air movement in the cities must be done. The building must be put under control.
Institutions must be prepared to know how they will react to air pollution. If the institutions have no strategy, they should be punished.
Dule Gruevski: In Bitola there are small installations that burn oil, choppers, and the authorities do not take anything for years.
Bitola for this heating season has no salvation. Citizens and institutions have already been supplied with inadequate fire.
Nevena Georgievska: PM10 and PM2.5 particles also contain heavy metals that make genetic modifications in humans.
Of the taxes collected on the basis of the environment, only 10% are used, where are the other money?
Besa Tateshi: The involvement of the institutions around the air is clearly defined. The problem is in the mentality of the citizens. We have a new Law on industrial emissions where stricter working conditions for industrial capacities are envisaged. The problems we face with polluted air are not resolved by ad hoc.

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