VMRO-DPMNE lobbied at Trump hidden behind the anonymous Libertas Foundation

Published on 07/18/2017 by tvstanici

US Confirmation: VMRO-DPMNE lobbied at Trump hidden behind the anonymous Libertas Foundation
The powerful American lobby company Mercury confirmed that the agreement with the anonymous New York Foundation Libertas was an attempt to hide lobbying in favor of VMRO-DPMNE with the new administration in the White House and the State Department. The documents published in the US Department of Justice’s lobbyists’ register are a confirmation of the research story published by “360 Degrees” in April this year, when there were no direct, but there were a number of indirect evidence that VMRO-DPMNE was trying to influence the US position For the formation of the new government in Macedonia, and that it makes it secluded behind the foundation “Libertas”, founded by a certain Beskud Isakdjanov. When asked about “360 Degrees”, VMRO-DPMNE then stated that they had no relations with “Libertas”. During this period in which VMRO-DPMNE paid for lobbying in the United States, it was loudly advocating for non-intervention of foreign factors in Macedonian affairs. By the way, the documents confirm that the VMRO-DPMNE lobbyist at the Trump administration was personally ex-Senator David Whiter, who is known for using prostitutes, an affair called “Madame Washington”.
Another element in the published documents deserves to be emphasized, namely that Mercury detailed the amount paid by each of the clients, except from the Libertas Foundation, for which there is a space in the payment table. The agreement between Libertas and Mercury envisaged a monthly fee of $ 15,000 plus a fee for each lobby activity and other expense in addition.
Here is the story of Vladimir Mircheski, published in the show “360 Degrees” on TV Alsat-M on April 3rd:

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