Top Tema – Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov

Published on 03/27/2018 by tvstanici

Top Tema – Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov.

Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov on a hot seat in the Top Theme on your side.
Macedonia solidarity with the West vs. Russia – how will it return Moscow, and like Europe and the United States? Are negotiations with Greece entering the photo-finishing? Tonight on these topics opposite the head of the Macedonian diplomacy, the journalists Lirim Dulovi, Slavica Arsova and Borjan Jovanovski.

The Minister said among other things:

Small countries have an interest in order in the world. The world today can not tolerate such type of non-selective attacks.
No matter how small or inexperienced we have things that I think it is worthwhile to stand still. It can hold the argument that when playing big, small ones have to snap to the side, but when our interests are concerned, it’s wise to play. It’s sometimes more dangerous to drive in an environment.
Why did you decide only for a Russian diplomat. Have you thought of more Russian diplomats?
The diplomat was not at the end of his term. There was no debate whether it would be one or two.
NATO is a unifying factor in our society and will send a calming signal to the region. We will continue to convince Russia that it is the road to a stable Balkans.
You act very safe. Do you have guarantees from the partners you consulted for the move?
We are all witnessing an incredibly increased worldwide interest in Macedonia. Stoltenberg showed it when he was in Skopje. It is clear that this is not only because of some sympathy, but rather that the interests overlap. This decision was made in very close consultation with partners.
From Vienna I have no expectations, but more hope. And I hope that we will make an effort to move, to make a step forward. We are debating the process very publicly when negotiating positions become publicly becoming national positions and this can badly affect the negotiations.
There is a desire to solve the issue from the Greek side. His opening is paid with political capital in both Greece and Macedonia. I am confident that Greece has a long-term strategic interest in Macedonia being a close ally.
A dignified solution to the name issue is what we will not be ashamed of. The name it is not is.
Western terminology knows ethnicity and citizenship, not nationality. The UN bill refers to citizenship. Currently, the column contains “Macedonian language” and citizenship of “FYROM”.
We can not feel special or as a special case. And when I say a dignified solution it can not be unreasonable. The equation how this can be solved, which we mean under the complete comprehensibility of Macedonia, which is understood in Greece, is different.
It is my duty to be optimistic and look for a way. There is one motto: If there is a way we will find it, if we do not. Does the region have a statutory alternative? No. This is our neighbors and the future and must be developed.
Dual formula was our formal position. While this is not over, we can where we want to go back. But it does not help kicking. There were mistakes on both sides.
In terms of our partners, of course, we all want to move. Their assessment will be how, when. It is never so exact as you expect now an answer from me.
If they do not leave behind shutters, there will be an adequate response. If language remains a problem, it will be an ugly moral defeat for all members.
The draft document from Macedonia has no new positions and they were previously discussed at the meeting of the state leadership, ie. leadership meeting and therefore we did not inform them. It can not be formatted for each step, especially if the position is the same, unchanged.

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