The name dispute and the law on the use of languages

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The name dispute and the law on the use of languages

The name negotiations are entering a critical stage – are the priorities of Macedonia defined? How to reach a consensus on issues of national interest when the political price is the highest? Whether the Law and the use of languages ​​derives from the Ohrid Framework Agreement are debated by professors Ljubomir Frckoski and Vlado Popovski who participated in its creation, but also in the writing of the Constitution.

Ljubomir Frckoski among other things stated:

The priority is our identity, the name is secondary, and I think that some kind of agreement has been reached for that package.
The solutions offered in the package stand in the column people – Macedonians and New Macedonians or in the language of modern Macedonian
If the irredentism according to the Greeks means that a change of Article 49 of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia (for minorities) is required, that is a problem because we have changed it once.
A referendum protects the ruling head of the decision and concretes it, but this should happen in another political atmosphere. Maybe at the same time with the NATO referendum.
When dealing with such problems, the political price is always high. There is no free lunch. But I think the climate is now favorable # NVS
The Greeks feel that the solution will go to the division of the name of Macedonia and that is the main reason for their anxiety, and secondly, they do not share the circle of profiting the culture related to it.

Vlado Popovski said among other things:

The willingness of both sides to resolve the name must be used, because it is not known when this chance is repeated.
The way out is to see exactly what the Greeks think under irredentism. Article 49 of the Constitution can not be this because it is already arranged at the request of Greece.
The treaty can not impose obligations on third parties – some countries may lean toward the solution to the name, and some will not. It is comical to ask someone to adhere to the new name.

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