Interview with the Mayor of Skopje – Petre Shilegov

Published on 11/29/2017 by tvstanici

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From the pollution problems, baroque facades, to the mysteries of Drisla – guest in the show, Mayor of Skopje Petre Shilegov.
Among other things, the mayor said:
Skopje has no alternative but to become a modern European city. It is currently outdated in its services to citizens – from Parks and Greenery to Transportation.
I asked for patience to investigate what is being destroyed in Drisla and soon we will come up with a definite report and a solution for the landfill.
When we return Drisla to the City of Skopje, criminal charges will be immediately filed.
More than 2 million euros are foreseen in the new budget for Skopje for greenery.
A 24-hour hotline for quick intervention and monitoring of air pollution by burning wild fires and illegal dumps will soon be launched.
Vodno was sufficiently crippled for the past 10 years by building and paving roads. The buildings of Vodno, within the powers that I have, will be past.
Absolute protection of Rasche from outside water pollution must be made, and that would cost 5.3m euros.
The concentration of the infrastructure must be transferred from the left to the right side of Vardar to balance the city, and then the alternative traffic can be developed.
It’s not the problem in the buildings, but in their dimension and the location to other buildings. It can not be stopped to build.
It is speculated that some mayors have, hidden behind other names, own 50-100 apartments obtained by issuing building stamps. It will be explored.
For one galley there are legal possibilities to dislocate, and we are conducting conversations and others to be removed “painlessly”.
The facade of the Paloma Bianak object will be stopped and it will remain half as reminiscent of one time.
He does not need a city architect of Skopje, but a council of architects who will plan the future development of Skopje.
City parking in Skopje should be dealt with in a unified manner.
Clean air is an action that must be dedicated to everyone, it is a system in which you can not tell dates, but you take measures.
Skopje is, in principle, a safe city, you can not foresee individual criminogenic procedures.

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