Victory in Israel

The national football team of Macedonia rejuvenated as never before has noticed perhaps the biggest victory on the home court in the last decade.

In Haifa, Angelovski’s team defeated Israel (0-1) and announced that he will go to victory with Albania at home in Strumica. The joy of the boys after the match did not end, so the winning photo was immediately followed.

New guys in the national team, for new wins and better results in soccer!

The national team is about 14 o’clock in Skopje, so on the way to Strumica …

The Macedonian national football team after the last night’s triumph over Israel from 0-1 in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup with a flight from Tel Aviv about 14 o’clock returns to Skopje, and immediately goes to Strumica, where the final trainings will be finished for the next three days before the calculation with Albania on September 5th.

The national team of Albania, meanwhile, also arrives today from Tirana in Skopje. The Albanian squad from tomorrow moves to Strumica where they will perform the official training at the stadium “Mladost” before the calculation on Tuesday, which is scheduled from 20:45.