TV The “Animal Kingdom” series from 14.01 on Telma

TV The “Animal Kingdom” series from 14.01 on Telma

The American drama series “Animal Kingdom” was premiered on Telma TV since January 14. From Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm, immediately after the political debate, “Animal Kingdom” will be broadcast, based on the eponymous Australian film of 2011. So far, three seasons have been recorded and a total of 36 episodes, and it has been updated for the fourth season to be started this year.

This crime drama was sent by 17-year-old Joshua, who due to the overdose and death of his mother, must move to his grandmother’s house and uncles. But, fleeing from a bad environment, he comes to a new place where no roses are blossomed because the Cody family deals with various criminal activities. Chapter of this. animal kingdom is Dzavin, who besides now his deceased daughter has four sons, one of whom is adopted, and three from different fathers.

Baz is the adopted and the leader of the theft, Pope is the eldest son who was in prison, has a mental disorder and is obsessively in love with the girl of Baz. Craig is the middle of the sons, who is addicted to drugs and is prone to many risks, and the smallest Deren is gay and opens a suspicious bar. In addition to these characters, the story includes several more main and secondary ones that in this way or another are related to the crime of the Cody family.

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