Interview with Gruevski (TV Alfa)

The leader of VMRO-DPMNE in an interview with TV Alfa stated that the first round of local elections are the most undemocratic in the history of Macedonia, which, as he said at the moment, corresponds to the international factor.
On this occasion, he did not recognize the election defeat in which his party lost 120,000 votes in 10 months. He repeated that he did not run away from the responsibility for the election result and said that the final decision on responsibility would be made after the in-depth analysis after the end of the second round.
According to him, the citizens sent the message, especially the traditional voters of his party, because, as he says, the vague policies in the past few months, but he stressed that there were many threats, blackmail and bribery in this election, while not presenting any evidence.
Gruevski said in the interview that he had information that he and the entire leadership of the party were being tapped and that the structures of the Ministry of Interior were doing so.
VMRO-DPMNE was punished by traditional voters who sent a message to the leadership. We have had a traditional policy in the past 15 years, and this period we tried to appeal to some others, who did not like the traditional voters. We did it sharply and insufficiently, “Gruevski said.
The president of VMRO-DPMNE, for the heavy defeat of the party in the first round of local elections, accused the government of “bribery, blackmail and intimidation” of party membership and mayoral candidates.
In the interview, Gruevski said the elections were “illegitimate and undemocratic”. He accused SDSM of investing “20 million euro of black money” for bribe, and the price for voters was from 1,500 to 100 euros.
Regarding election irregularities, Gruevski said that the printing press that was selected to print the election material was owned by a SDSM activist and who printed the material of the Colorful Revolution.
We had a lack of material, and the SEC did not react. Parallel ballots were printed for the needs of the SEC and SDSM. The majority of SEC members are inclined to SDSM. We called them OSCE / ODIHR twice for irregularities and they saw from their face that they did not come to hear and prevent them – Gruevski said.
He announced that the party will appeal to the Administrative Court for all rejected objections to the SEC.

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