The Assembly dismissed Zvrlevski from the position of the State Public Prosecutor

With 64 votes in favor and a loud applause from the ruling coalition’s MPs, the Sobranie dismissed prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski this afternoon.
Before the vote, Xhaferi, criticizing the opinion of the anti-corruption commission that Zvrlevski’s dismissal was a violation of the law, called for the immunity of a lawyer whom he and the MPs are protected and will not answer.
Responsible coordinator Ilija Dimovski reacted. For him, the mere reference to immunity equals Xhaferi’s confession that he violates the law.

Xhaferi, angry over the opinion of the anti-corruption commissioners, since they tried to send him a letter at all, asked them to resign.

During the voting, the chambers of the opposition MPs were empty, who announced yesterday that they would not participate in violation of the law and would not be part of the session for Zvrlevski.

In the meantime, the candidates for Zvrlevski’s successor are already speculating. The names of the lawyers Aleksandar Nakov, Zvonko Davidovic, Aleksandar Tortevski and Loriya Vanevska are mentioned. Alfa learns that they have even been asked for an opinion from the Bar Association to evaluate their professional credentials.

Until the election of Zvrlevski’s successor, a process that is expected to take longer for the local elections, his deputy will sit in his chair, the first after him – Xhelal Bajrami.

V.D. The prosecutor determines the Council of Public Prosecutors from where they announced that they will decide on this the next day after Zverlevski will be dismissed, that is, tomorrow.

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