Vo Centar – How did Macedonia break up ?!

Published on 02/19/2018 by tvstanici

Vo Center with Vasko Eftov – How did Macedonia break up ?!


How were the four pillars of MACEDONIANS broken one after the other? Language, Church, MANU, name! Do not Miss – In Center!

In the following period, the first round of the “Colorful Revolution” with care of the conscience and overdue mindset will begin to write us Facebook statuses where they will defend themselves that have participated in a terrible thing that changed the name and identity of the Republic of Macedonia, said Vasko Eftov in yesterday edition of his show “Vo Center”.

According to Eftov, this period and the period that follows, people who are now first-born or were the first fighters of the “Colorful Revolution” and who are now eager to change the name of the Republic of Macedonia once this is done with conscience will begin to be discarded what is done.

As an example he is given by academician Katica Kulavkova, who on her Facebook blog defends the Macedonian language and the name of the Republic of Macedonia.

– The identity of the Macedonians from the Macedonians is so relativized that an incredible media environment is created which suggests that it is eagerly awaiting the change of the name of the Republic of Macedonia in a package by changing the name of the Macedonian language and the Macedonian people and, on top of that, and the ID card, stands in the status of Academician Kulavkova.

He adds that we will have a multitude of people who will change their colors, who will additionally remember that they have participated in something dishonest and will want to wash their conscience before the test of history.

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