The system for the allocation of court cases.

Published on 02/13/2018 by tvstanici

Exclusive – The top topic on your side has gained access to the ACMIS system for the allocation of court cases. How should it be, and how was the case divided into some of the courts? We disclose the chain of responsibility for the division of cases, including the presidents of the appellate courts and members of the Judicial Council. Where did the judicial reforms get stuck? Does the Prime Minister violate the Constitution by appointing as advisors presidents of judicial instances?
The journalist Gordana Duvnjak, the lawyer Zvonko Davidovic, the expert Goce Kocevski and the Deputy Minister of Justice Oliver Ristovski debated.


Oliver Ristovski:
The new Reform Council has not yet been formed.
: How to resolve this Trial Chamber?
: By April, the report for all courts will be ready.
: The government has no dilemmas. The report locates crime in the judiciary. It’s the prosecution’s job.
: The changes will have a new approach to scoring the judges and presidents. It will not only be quantitative but also qualitative.
: It is true that judges have progressed on the basis of false data.
: I do not know about the special investigation announced by the President of the Supreme Court.
: Control in courts will end soon. All courts will be checked.

Goce Kocevski:
Is the Prosecution willing and able to solve this scandal?
: The College’s counterfeit diplomas are an example of how they are not handled.
: Courts have to be specified where there are flaws and an extraordinary re-evaluation has to be carried out there.
: Extraordinary re-evaluation is not disputable or illegal. Who and how it will be implemented is important.
: If the commission found that members of the Trial Chamber did not undertake anything about maltreatment, it was criminal acts and had to report it.
: The distribution of objects is public, there is a huge public interest, the report should not be classified.
: The presidents of the courts have too many powers, it allows them to be misused.

Gordana Duvnjak:
The public prosecutor’s office should locate the perpetrators. That’s the only way to get a solution.
: There must not be amnesty or amnesia of what happened. It’s unfair to honest judges.
: Representatives of the judicial fails themselves seek clear criteria for advancement.
: These processes last long. For months we waited for the report, we are now waiting to declassify.
: There is a covenant for silence in the judiciary. Everyone knows about irregularities, but no one has taken anything.

Zvonko Davidovic:
No judge has spoken out in public until he was directly or personally affected.
: Re-evaluating the work of judges is necessary.

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