Interview with Marjana Petir – Croatian MEP

Published on 04/09/2018 by tvstanici

Interview with Marjana Petir – Croatian MEP

In this show Vasko Eftov has one of the most interesting interviews this season. Guest is Marijana Petir, a Croatian MEP who is also known as the largest Macedonian lobbyist in the European Parliament.

I consider the name to represent the identity. It’s a trademark. The name is something that remains behind us and when we will not be here anymore. Therefore, I do not think that the name or the people or the state should be gambled. Those who set such conditions and seek such concessions from Macedonia are not welcome.

This is highlighted by the Croatian MEP in the interview …

On Eftov’s statement that she has confirmed the views on the name of many Macedonian politicians, Petir says that she will speak the same if her country is in question, or if someone asks for it from another country.

“If we look at the recent past, we will see that some countries have changed the name, but because they loved it. But I can not find an example where a state requires and condition its neighbor to change its name to the state, as is the case between Macedonia and Greece. I consider it my fault and react to that injustice. React from my heart. Some people think that I am too courageous, but I think that I would not be able to do this work if I have no love and if I do not stand in the hands of those who are unjustly prosecuted or in any way attacked by those who think they are stronger and more powerful of them, “says Petr.

Stresses that the situation sometimes seems impossible, as if there is no way to find a solution.

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