Interview with Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.

Published on 03/21/2018 by tvstanici

Interview with Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.

The topics are the reforms in the law on communications monitoring, the case of Beqir Asani, unexplained murders, burned cars, coping with corruption in the ranks of the police, bank robberies, weapons shops and apartments.
The Minister will also answer questions raised by our viewers and NGOs.

Among other things, the Minister stated:

Democracy also means the right to protest. Whether it is necessary before the House of Representatives is another matter. Elements of violence appear in some of these protests.
And in 2016 and now the police acted the same way. In the protests in front of Gruevski’s house, we took serious measures for his safety. But then the protests and these are now different.
There is no conflict of interest in the position held by Remenski and the workplace of her husband in the Ministry of Interior.
In the procedures, and so far for “Sopot”, everything requested by the Ministry of Interior was submitted to the PPO and the PPO.
The case of a close associate from my cabinet has been handed over to the PR and has been suspended. In no case did he ever have to know the PI measures and the investigation will show who and how he gave them.
We made the purchase of the vehicles for the border police because it was urgent. A needs assessment was made. This is the most favorable offer we had.
I know the owner of the firm from Kumanovo, but I know the boss of Porsche, that does not mean that there is nepotism in the procurement or that it is illegal.
In the case of Beqir Asani, it has been found that there is only a verbal assault. Everything has been submitted to the PPO, and a report of internal control is being prepared, which will be submitted to the PPO. The video can be seen by the public if it allows the Prosecution.
Nobody matters to me whether it is a left or a right hand of a politician. If he has committed an offense he will be punished.
We are seriously damaged in terms of human resources, especially in Skopje.
No superintendent appointed to the sector is a party staff.
We had 18 reports and interrupted the working relation of people who had false degrees.
And we strengthen the capacity of the internal control, raise the authority of the police officers, but also the external control of the police.
We have more robberies in banks and they are processed and some are illuminated.

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