Interview with former PM and leader of VMRO-NP, Ljubco Georgievski

Published on 01/10/2019 by tvstanici

Interview with former PM and leader of VMRO-NP, Ljubco Georgievski

The government claims that the constitutional changes will pass with more than 80 votes. VMRO-DPMNE will not participate in the work of the Assembly. For the amnesty, Gruevski’s escape, for the upcoming presidential elections, the economy. In 24 analysis, an interview with the former prime minister and leader of VMRO-NP, Ljubco Georgievski.


The irony from a state is Macedonia. Appears Ljubco Georgievski, the creator of the Hellenic Petroleum agreement for the OKTA refinery, on TV 24 for the interview, the same day when news reports that Hellenic again sues Macedonia and seeks 32m euros in damages.

In the Agreement, which only reads if it is corrupt, Article 10 stipulates that Macedonia should buy 400,000 tons of fuel oil by 2000, and from 2001 to the expiration of the agreement (this year) to buy 500,000 tons of fuel oil. Although experts warned that such large quantities of Macedonia never had a need in history nor would have even TPP Negotino operate at full capacity.

So the government of Georgievski imposed a provision for direct damage to Macedonian citizens, for which Macedonia already paid damages of $ 40 million after the first lawsuit against Hellenic. Money that could be used for hospitals, schools, etc. Now there is a lawsuit for the “unspecified period”, ie from 2008 until the expiration of the Agreement, because Macedonia, having a question, did not have the needs of 500,000 tons of fuel oil for which Georgievski guaranteed the ransom with the agreement.

Otherwise, the World Bank for that Agreement called it corrupt at the time of signing. Now, Hellenic asks for a new 32m euros, it is likely to negotiate the pipeline, although built by Macedonian taxpayers, who knows if they will see a glimpse.

And so Georgyevski, the creator of the Treaty, brushed aside a journalist for constitutional changes, supports the amnesty of fellow politicians, naturally, because he himself enjoys the freedom of non-compliance, and for the treaty and the new lawsuit due to the signature of his government, no word. Neither question. No institution has so far invited Georgievski to account for this Agreement. Neither to the level of investigation.

And so in the prisons will lie petty criminals, the citizens will shake at every overdraft of the allowed minus and unpaid two bills, and politicians and big criminals will enjoy themselves with freedom from millions, rich and happy. Whoever escapes from that country should flee. Unfortunately, there will never be justice, nor peace.