Branko Manojlovski Albanian “on batteries”.

Published on 01/29/2018 by tvstanici
Branko Manojlovski Albanian “on batteries”.

DUI MP Branko Manojlovski on Vasko Eftov’s “In The Center” yesterday stated that he is an Albanian bloodthirsty, however after a short analysis of his life by Eftov, the journalist immediately stated that he was born in Macedonia, while its children have Macedonian names.
Because Manojlovski insisted he was Albanian, Eftov wanted to write a sentence in Albanian.

“Write in Albanian if you can” I’m currently recording an interview in Vasko Eftov’s production, “said Eftov.
Manojlovski immediately replied:
“My tongue is listening. We’ve only learned from our ears, “said Manojlovski.

Eftov then asked the DUI MP to read a fragment from an Albanian newspaper. Manojlovski again replied that he did not know how to read in Albanian.

Although Manojlovski does not know how to write and read in Albanian, he emphasized that he voted for the adoption of the Law on Languages ​​in Macedonia. By this law, Macedonia will become a bilingual country where, apart from Macedonians, the population should speak and write in Albanian.

Manojlovski feels like an Albanian but unable to write and read in Albanian while he expects Albanian to have someone from Pehcevo speak and write in that language. It is a historical cynicism, said Eftov.

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