360 Stepeni – Vlado Popovski , Naser Ziberi

Published on 03/18/2018 by tvstanici

In the debate on “360 Degrees”, Vlado Popovski – a university professor, a former minister and participant in the preparation of many legislative solutions, spoke about the adoption of the Law on the Use of Languages ​​and the responsibility for the procedure in which it was adopted, as well as the President’s commitment to his signing.

He also found responsibility with the President of the Parliament, Talat Xhaferi and the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, but it was clear that the biggest responsibility is currently with President Ivanov.

– What are the defects on which side are referred to in Rule 173 of the Rules of Procedure? On the side of the President of the Assembly, the lack of the procedure is that he did not first raise the issue of reviewing the law regarding the remarks of the President of the country, which does not raise the question of accepting or rejecting the remarks, and does not finalize it with a conclusion, and if that was the case, the amendment would only apply to the accepted remarks by the president, and if nothing was accepted, then it had to be voted. The president’s fault is in the same way that, regardless of how this situation was going on, once the Parliament, with an absolute majority of votes, discussed or did not discuss the law or similar, it votes for the second time, the president of the republic is obliged, constitutionally, to sign and can not conduct politics – said Popovski.

Popovski says Xhaferi made a mistake in steps by urging lawmakers to file amendments, since Ivanov’s remarks had to be considered beforehand.

– But the re-election of the law means de facto and de jure not accepting the remarks from the president and he must reconcile with that procedure and sign the law, because otherwise he violates the Constitution – Popovski said.

He says that Ivanov creates an institutional crisis by violating the Constitution, exiting the constitutional framework and entering into a political framework, aware that the Assembly does not have a two-thirds majority for impeachment.