Јugoslav Petrusic – What happened on April 27 in Macedonia?

Published on 02/05/2018 by tvstanici

Јugoslav Petrusic – What happened on April 27 in Macedonia?

An interview with the former member of the Legion of the Foreign Legion, Jugoslav Petrusic on the topic, what was happening, what is happening and what will happen in and around the Republic of Macedonia.

 Jugoslav Petrusic:
 “I believe that the Macedonian people have the right to their own name, here are the greatest kings, kings and statesmen of the world born in the world, and that must remain as it is, that is, as history has made it to be. The people who want to change the name of the Macedonian people today must know that one day they will be punished by God. ”

Petrusic adds that “Due to the new redistribution of the world, among other things, one should take the history of Macedonia, its historical code and change it with a new genetic code that will be assimilated into the Macedonian being and one day they will be the biggest Macedonians in that the moment when the autochthonous Macedonians will be exterminated. ”

In this exclusive interview, Petrusic presented a multitude of information and data on what happened on April 27 in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, on migrant policy, on the position of Macedonia in a place where there is never peace, as well as on the geostrategic policy of the state or group who want to bring chaos and seize Jerusalem (which is the last line of defense of the survival of this world) under the control of Muslims.

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