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Alsat-M began its work in March 2006. It is a national television broadcast on the whole territory of Macedonia. Its programs are based on European concepts of information and strives to foster multi-ethnic coexistence in Macedonia. Technology and programming fully suit modern standards necessary for the functioning of a modern TV. They meet both domestic needs and necessary criteria for international broadcasts. The programs are dynamic, with news in Albanian and Macedonian. The two languages ​​are broadcast, and all other program content, such as shows on politics, economy, sports, show - business and others.

The bilingual character of programs Alsat-M TV makes this especially in Europe and beyond. Alsat-M always broadcast directly from the scene and reporters and cameramen using modern digital cameras and equipment. Successful programs of this television frequency rely on successful television projects. Alsat-M is among the most serious investments have been made in recent years in the media business in Macedonia. Television is constantly developing and investing in human resources and modern technology. Alsat-M is designed to become audible and recognizable name of Balkan and European spaces. privacy policy copyright notice