The trailer for the last season of “Game of Thrones”

The trailer for the last season of “Games of Thrones”

There was a trailer for the eighth, final season of “Games of Thrones” that fans of the megapolar series are expecting with great impatience.

The fans waited for more than a year to find out what awaits them in the new season, expected by now. The trailer begins with a scene in which Arka Stark speaks “I know death”. There are many people and it seems that fans are waiting for many more deaths this season.
The new season will start on April 14, and there will be six episodes.
Otherwise, fans from the beginning of this year could see only a few short teasers that only further increased curiosity.

But although the previous announcements did not reveal much about the action, the fans found that in the first episode, Daeneris would finally reach “Zimozeshka” where Sansa would hand over power over her, and they also realized that he was “expecting the greatest battle in the history of television “.
Namely, the actor Vladimir Furduk, who plays the mysterious Night King in the series, accidentally discovered when that battle should happen.
In the third part of the last season, there will be a battle that the producers announced as the biggest in the history of television. Almost the entire episode will be dedicated only to that battle, and it will take about an hour, said in an interview with Hungarian “Sorozat Wiki”.